Duffryn Youth Project

What we do: The project aims to listen to, engage with, encourage and support the young people aged 8-16 years of age in Duffryn and surrounding area to make positive contributions to their community. We have supported our young people who are dealing with issues such as bullying, confidence, loneliness, and other difficult circumstances. Week on week, we’ve developed a relationship with these individuals and have provided a safe space for them to come and help them with these issues and have given them the opportunity to contact other agencies to help them if need be. This has also provided a place for young people to go where they can participate in fun and different activities as well as learn from current informal learning sessions.

We currently offer 2 youth club evenings at John Frost High School. These sessions are open to all young people in the area!

Please find details below:

  • Every Monday – Year 7 and above at John Frost High School, 5.30-7.30pm
  • Every Tuesday – Detached Youth Work across Duffryn Estate, 4.30-7,00pm
  • Every Thursday – Years 5 and 6 at John Frost High School, 5.00-7.00pm


We have built relationships with the local schools and have run informal workshops on a variety of topics to raise awareness and help young people deal with certain situations. These workshops have varied from social media safety, mental health and wellbeing awareness, knife crime and many more. The Duffryn youth team play an active role in the local schools offering 1-1 mentoring support, group session work and helping young people with their social and educational development.

Detached Youth Work

We carry out detached youth work as a team. This involves the youth workers going out into the community and engaging with young people on the streets, in parks etc offering support, advice and signposting if needed. This informal nature of youth work breaks barriers and helps engage with young people easily in their own territories. If you see us around the estate, don’t forget to say come and say hi!


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Our Youth Team

Zenia – Youth Team Coordinator

Tracey – Senior Youth Worker

Jennie – Youth Worker

Louise – Sessional Worker