Rabbit Hill Community Woodland

Keep Wales Tidy as one of the four partners on board supporting the Woodland Routes to Wellbeing Project.

We have an incredible natural area of woodland right on our doorstep; however over the years the area has been left to become overgrown and so no longer used by the community. Residents of Duffryn confirmed that this was a problem area for fly tipping, antisocial behaviour and generally somewhere they no longer used; despite having fond memories within the woods from times gone by.

Working in partnership with Keep Wales Tidy we are brining the woods back to its former glory!

We started this by renaming the woodland at the start of the project with the help of our community champions, renaming this Rabbit Hill Community Woodland.

Working in partnership with Keep Wales Tidy, we run weekly volunteer sessions to improve the woodlands by making changes in supporting local wildlife, increasing biodiversity and create great outdoor spaces where the whole community can really enjoy the woodlands again. The ultimate aim over the 7 year project is to encourage members of the community to take ownership of the woodlands, improve employability and improve the environment.

In addition to the volunteering sessions there is also accredited training and qualifications available for those who would like to complete it.

As part of the project Keep Wales Tidy –

  • Provide training in woodland management, tool management and maintenance.
  • Volunteering and Training Opportunities to improve Duffryn Estate Woodland.
  • Provide practical application of training in the regeneration of the woodland.
  • Work with schools to promote the importance of the natural environment.
  • Involve pupils in planting and improving the woodland.
  • Engage and involve the community of Duffryn in decisions of the development of the woodland.