Woodland Warriors

Woodland Warriors

The Woodland Warriors is a new revamped partnership project between Woodland Routes to Wellbeing and Tredegar Park Primary School.

The Woodland Warriors take a responsible role supporting Duffryn Community Link and Keep Wales Tidy to make improvements to the Rabbit Hill Community Woodland and the wider estate. Each year Y5 pupils from Tredegar Park Primary will be able to apply to become a Woodland Warrior and really make a difference within their local community!

Children are asked to complete an application form and are then interviewed by the Woodland Routes project coordinator, to show why they think they should become one of the Woodland Warriors, and the ideas they have to make the woodland a more useable space for all.

They support us by:

  • Helping with designs and plans to regenerate Rabbit Hill Community Woodland
  • Supporting WRTW partners consult with local residents
  • Promote project to their peers, residents and organisations
  • Develop and promote activities within the woodland


Due to pandemic restrictions the woodland warrior program (previously community champions) was put on hold through most of 2020; but now we are raring to go again! Through the 2021 summer term we delivered engagement activities within Tredegar Park Primary’s Forest School as a taster to what the children can expect if they want to take part.

We have now appointed our 12 Woodland Warriors of 2022 so keep an eye out on the amazing work they will be doing through the year!