The BIG Learning Café

We will be using our community Café to offer opportunities to local people and support to young people in particular those aged between 16 and 18 and who are not already in education or training a first step to volunteering and training in a supportive and friendly environment.

We also want to use our café as a catalyst for bringing people together to enhance the sense of community and increase social networks. Our experience is that so many of our residents of all ages experience loneliness and isolation and that positive social interaction is a key factor in improving wellbeing.

We would like to use the cafe, with the support of our volunteers and learners as a means of offering monthly events to come together around food. We would lie to invite people to come and talk and eat together with a “Big Lunch” once a month. During our “Big Lunches” we would like to

bring people together to meet new people, chat, build networks and celebrate what we have in common and what makes it diverse. Our community is slowly becoming more diverse and we would like to welcome newcomers and offer a warm friendly space for friendship.