Tea Party
Tea Party
Tea Party
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12 Jul 2018
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12 Jul 2018
12:00 am
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Duffryn is and has been at the heart of community development in Duffryn (Tredegar Park ward) for over 10 years and has grown from a community led group of volunteers to a community led set of businesses with 37 employees and a turnover of approximately half a million pounds.

The name Duffryn Community Link defines an organisation that successfully makes connections to wider policy agendas for the improvement of local people’s quality of life; at the same time as securing the involvement and empowerment of local residents to be in control of the solutions to the needs, problems and opportunities experienced by the community. The local organisational structure is complex but thorough and comprehensive in its approach to community development; and wider influence. The partnership is informed by evidence from the community who run their own consultation events once every 2-3 years. Sub groups of the local partnership board bring this GIS evidence together with Newport, regional and Welsh strategic information and nationally collected local statistics to prioritise the outcomes in terms of work programme and a series of project plans which are co-ordinated by the Co-ordinator through the local partnership board for Communities First (as the main funder); who is also Director of Duffryn Community Link. Providentially, the partnership and ‘grant recipient’ for Communities First (Duffryn Community Link) share the same Chair – Mr Biagio Chiummo MBE. Duffryn Community Link is the grant recipient, secretariat, host employer and main delivery agent for the Communities First programme in the area. The Welsh Assembly Government recognises the Communities First Partnership, for which Duffryn Community Link is the secretariat, as ‘excellent’.

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Duffryn Community Link
Unit 7, Duffryn Shopping Centre
NP10 8TE