Meet Our Staff


Joanne Satherley

Chief Executive Officer

Leisa Thompson

Office Manager

Aelish Byron

Admin Assistant

Kim Dabinette

Admin Assistant

Youth Team

Tracey Dowdall

Senior Youth Support Worker

Myre Cankett

Youth Support Worker

Elle Bentham

Youth Assistant


Sophie Hillman

Childcare Coordinator

Carole Martin

Senior Childcare Supervisor

Jackie Barry

Childcare Supervisor

Stacy Pitman

Childcare Assistant

Clare Houghton

Childcare Assistant

Ann Marie Lewis

Childcare Assistant

Danielle Dibble

Childcare Assistant

Woodland Routes to Wellbeing

Mary Jones

Project Coordinator, Woodland Routes to Wellbeing

Chloe Hutchings

Community Play Development Coordinator, Woodlands Routes to Wellbeing

Jan Johnstone

Play Ranger, Woodlands Routes to Wellbeing

Seren Rawlins

Play Ranger, Woodland Routes to Wellbeing