The aim of the Duffryn Community Link is to encourage as much Sports and Leisure participation within the community throughout all ages, and to offer an alternative interest for the youngsters to become involved in.

The Community Sports Programme - soon to be updated!


Those young people who have shown talent in a particular sport have been given the opportunity to join clubs throughout Newport.

Competitons & Events
The young people have taken part in local and national competitions. Regular inter-Newport community matches are played.

Numerous young people took part in the Summer Sports Day where there was a Football match versus the local Police team. The day was a huge success.

There are a number of partners that work with Duffryn Community Link to help the success of the projects. Examples are NCC Sports Development, Police, Education, Youth Service Sports Clubs, Health.

If people from the community are interested in taking part to become Sports Leaders then funding is available to help them complete the qualification.