He's not an ‘average Joe’

In 2007. Biagio (Joe) Chiummo attended Buckingham Palace where he was presented with his MBE by His Royal Highness Prince Charles.   Joe is well known across the Duffryn community and has been honoured for the work he has done in the community.  Joe has always been a firm advocate of communities having their own voice and currently sits as Chairperson on the Communities First Partnership Board for Duffryn and Duffryn Community Link. 

Such work deserves such recognition and Joe works very hard on behalf of the community, promoting Duffryn across Wales.  He supports all initiatives at the local level and is recognised as truly deserving by all who work with him.


At a wider geographical level, Joe is chair of the Overarching Communities First Partnership Board for Newport.  He is also a member of the Local Service Board for Newport. 


Joe’s commitment has been enormous, working at strategic and local levels.  The work required to make changes is difficult and time consuming.  Meeting times are often inconvenient, change can be slow and onerous; service bending is not easy to achieve and unfortunately nothing happens overnight.  Determination and skill is needed in order to make things happen.